Bothithong Skateboard Videos

Bothithong 2010 - First video

Some of the first skating in Bothithong in 2010. This was our first video we ever made.


Wheels in the Sand - Trailer

Trailer for a full Documentary following a 2016 Trip to Bothithong where we delivered boards, wheels, hardware, shoes, and clothing from many different donors. This was an incredible visit where I was able to travel to the Kumba Skate plaza in Kimbereley to pick up boards and shoes donated by several people and organizations like Mike Chinner and Warrick Delport of Kumba Skate Plaza and the Kimberley Diamond cup. Other donations from Vans Shoes, Session Magazine, Thomas Taylor from Stratosphere skateboards in Atlanta GA - USA, Coca-Cola and Vitamin Water to name a few. Thankyou all for the constant support! I spent time with the skaters at the recently contructed Kuruman Skatepark and met so many talented skaters from the Northern Cape and around the Kuruman area. And Of course I travelled to Bothithong village, where together with the local skaters and community members we constructed some basic obstacles on a small concrete house foundation we repaired which was generously donated by Badisa Moncho of Bothithong Village. Full Documentary will be completed very soon and made available on Youtube.