New ways to get boards to South Africa

This greatness has only been made available recently with a new digital payment company called PayFast which a few of the local skate companies have started using for their internet sales. More importantly PayFast accepts international payments so equipment can be purchased using funds from outside of South Africa whereas in the past this challenge has prevented us from purchasing anything directly without being in country and using genuine ZA banking services. This also supports the local skateboard companies within South Africa! One of the drawbacks of having goods donated versus purchased locally is that it can hurt any local business that sells the same goods being donated. This can be the case when food, clothing, and other items are donated in large amounts and as a result people no longer purchase them from local vendors and shops.  if the delivery of the goods is not handled carefully and the community is not understood by the donor then good intentions may indeed have negative impacts. Something as unique as skateboards hardly falls into this category but if there's a chance to buy local in any way we absolutely will try!

Boardhub is a local company in Capetown that has been incredibly accommodating in helping us make purchases and guide shipments to the extremely rural areas we serve.